Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tikkun Av

28 Elul, "Tikkun Av", fixing the Ego (the very last thing that wants to be fixed, and it will assure you, even as you try, that it doesn't need fixing)!

Av is associated with the Tribe of Shimeon, the zodiac sign of Leo and the Sun. So powerful is Leo's energy that Av is the only month capable of holding all the destructive, negative power of ego gone wild. At the same time, Av is the month destined to herald the birth of the Messiah.

"Ego" is where the greatest danger AND the greatest deliverance comes from. Ego can go to pride and hubris, or great strength and dignity. The Sun, the most powerful influence on humankind, shines on the good and the wicked alike.  

Where has Ego blocked the (proverbial) Sun from shining in our lives? Where Ego casts a giant shadow, that's where the fixing must happen. If it's ever time to say: "I'm sorry", it's now. 

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