Sunday, September 6, 2015

23 Elul - Energetic Potential for both "Universal Peace" and "World War"

Today is the 23rd of Elul, in Jewish history this is the day the dove returned to Noah's ark with the olive branch in his mouth. This motif has become the universal archetype of the cessation of hostilities between G*d and man, and the beginning of humankind's "Second Chance" on Earth. 

23 Elul was also the date on the Hebrew Calendar that the horrific tragedy of 9/11 occurred in 2001.

How to reconcile the tremendous moral gap between these two events? 

It's a spiritual principle that whatever has potential for kedusha (holiness) also has the same degree of potential for evil (and the other way around as well - those with the biggest "Yetzer HaRah" - "evil inclination" - become the highest and holiest when that energy is turned around for good)

If 23 Elul has inherit energetic potential for the expression of "peace on Earth", it must also have the energetic potential for "world war". We've seen it used both ways. We can use it ourselves in our everyday lives. Today when that energy is available to us, let's use it for good.

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